Lovell Corporation is an award-winning youth consultancy and innovation firm agency committed to helping industry leaders recruit, engage and retain the next generation.

We train clients on Millennials and youth engagement, digitalization at work, corporate social responsibility and how to prepare for the future of jobs.

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Workplace Benefits

We do our best to create a workplace culture that supports the growth and wellbeing of all employees. We champion inclusion–from students and new graduates to international talent or women in tech–you will work with a diverse team, passionate  and committed about their work.

Individual Work Plans

Lovell takes time to learn the objectives of each employee. Management will proactively work with employees to develop assignments that leverage their strengths, address areas of improvement and accelerate career goals.


Lovell empowers employees to take responsibility for their career success. As long as work targets continue to be met, employees have the independence to design their daily schedules and tasks.

Creative Diversity

From producing professional training workshops and whites papers to coordinating influencer marketing campaigns and digital launches, Lovell is well suited for employees that thrive on variety.

Collaboration and Inclusion

Lovell values the perspectives of each employee, regardless of field or experience level. Our monthly planning sessions invite all employees (including interns) to contribute ideas and feedback.

Accessible Leadership

Our CEO has an open door policy for employees to schedule meetings. Executive leadership often takes a hands-on role in brand projects, providing further opportunity for mentorship and collaboration.

Continuous Development

The breadth of Lovell’s brand portfolio provides ample opportunity for employees to try new skills and expand their role into new sectors. Employees are encouraged to shadow on projects and diversify their experience.

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What to expect

Employees are not just a cog on a big wheel, they are an integral part of our inner workings and it is our priority to make everyone feel acknowledged for their contributions.

Empower Clients

Through a comprehensive brand portfolio, including consulting, workplace training, branded content and digital tools, Lovell empowers clients to engage young talent and influencers in an authentic way.

Who We Work With

Our clients range from educators and small medium-sized businesses to global corporations, government and policymakers. Our work has been featured by Forbes, Bloomberg, Globe and Mail,  Entrepreneur, and National Post.

A Team of Leaders

Lovell seeks to build a team of motivated leaders that support and challenge each other to grow in both a professional and personal manner. We prioritize passion and growth in the workplace.

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