What Makes Lovell’s Corporate Training and Workshops Different

Our corporate training and workshops make bridging the gap to the youth market simple: bring their voice into your boardroom.

With international networks that reach youth influencers across 59+ different countries and an award-winning CEO, Lovell Corporation’s training workshops and consulting services empower clients with proven millennial marketing and youth engagement tactics. 

Whether it is a lunch’n learn for senior leadership to explore the latest millennial marketing tactics, a training seminar on the future workforce or a conference presentation to your target youth audience, Lovell Corporation’s presentations are designed to educate and activate.

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Featured #BridgingTheGap Corporate Training & Workshops Series

To stay on top of the market you need to stay current and anticipate what’s next. Explore critical topics of Millennials, Generation Z and the future of work to remain an employer and brand of choice with our corporate training offers!

  • Millennial Employee Engagement

    With 91% of Millennials expecting to stay in a job for less than three years, attracting and retaining this demographic is becoming crucial. No longer concerned about the bottom dollar, Millennial employees are looking to join vibrant communities, even if that means leaving you.
    How do you engage and retain this fickle, but ever-growing employee demographic?

  • The Future of Business

    A purpose driven culture is starkly different than the traditional business model, but for businesses wanting to remain future ready this is an important consideration. 9-in-10 Millennials say they would switch brands to one associated with a social cause & some studies indicate they’d go so far as to take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company that aligns with their values.
    How can you create the brand purpose and meaningful experience they seek?

  • Digitalization at Work

    The digital revolution has changed business in many ways, but one shift that isn’t yet readily embraced is how it affects employee engagement. How is increased connectivity and information access changing workplace communication? Dig deeper into topics of technology, social media and explore how these trends are changing the next generation’s expectations.

  • Generation Z Trends

    With Baby Boomers retiring and Millennials being the most studied generation to date, market leaders need to turn to the next generation: Generation Z. In less than 5 years they will be the largest group of consumers worldwide and 30 million young employees will have joined the workforce.
    Understand this new generation’s mindset and how they are changing game for businesses.

Why do our clients continue to choose us?

They know that our presentations are authentic, enriching, and effective.

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