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Maximize Your Workforce
in the Digital Age

The digital revolution has changed business in many ways.

One shift that isn’t yet readily embraced is how this increased connectivity and information access affects employee engagement and workplace communication.

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Key Takeaways


Understand the changing workplace expectations and how to respond to stay an organization of choice


Leverage digital tools to increase efficiency and offer the personalization the next generation of employees now expect


Learn how to effectively communicate with, motivate and support your Millennial and Generation Z employees


Design a workplace strategy capable of driving true cultural change and empowering employees as working styles and workforces change

Maximize Your Workforce

Dive into the digital world of work with future of work policy advisor, speaker and 16-time award-winning thought leader Kelly Lovell to learn about the role of emerging technologies such as IoT, digital platforms, mobile, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. Globally recognized for her expertise, Lovell’s presentations have been enlisted by the United Nations, G7 Sherpas, the G20 and executive leaders around the world.
  • Participants will explore the latest requirements and challenges of the digital workspace, and how digital transformation is changing Millennial and Generation Z employee mentality.
  • Learn how the digital transformation process is affecting businesses and compare industry examples of how successful brands are adapting their recruitment, employee engagement and retention practices. By digging deeper into these topics, this workshop explores how digitalization is changing the next generation’s workplace expectations.

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One of the real eye openers for me was seeing that the values of today’s high achieving young talent are far from the traditional executive we know. Lovell Corporation’s expertise in managing and getting the most out of the youngest is so relevant for corporate leaders at every level.

Nancy, Marketing Hall of Legends Winner and Past Co-Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather

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