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Lovell Corporation is a global youth consultancy and innovation firm that offers event activations, training, market research insights and digital solutions to help organizations to adapt to the changing workforce and foster inclusive innovation.

With international networks that reach young innovators in 100 countries, Lovell Corporation’s award-winning brands create pathways for industry leaders to recruit, engage and tap into the talent of Millennials and Generation Z.

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Our award-winning brands create pathways for industry leaders to tap into the talent of Millennials and Generation Z.

Training, insights and forums

For preparing for the future of work, fostering inclusive innovation and scaling sustainable solutions.

Digital Solutions that improve humanity

For future skills education, corporate social responsibility and impact reporting.

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Workplace Assessment

Whether you’re looking to recruit young talent, retain Millennial employees or strengthen your overall workplace culture, BridgingTheGap’s Workplace Assessment will show you where to start.

Gender and the Future Workforce

We evaluate the status of the gender gap in the workplace—where progress is being made and where it’s not—and how businesses, educators and policymakers can work together to create an inclusive workplace for the next generation.

The Change Generation Report

We provide one of the first and largest national in-depth comparative research studies on the workplace values of Millennials and their successors, Generation Z. We evaluate how they are redefining work.

Who We Work With

We provide authentic market insights and services to understand and meaningfully engage the next generation—be it employees, customers or innovators. We’re also Canada’s foremost agency for connecting with Millennial and Generation Z markets. Our expertise on preparing for the future of work, inclusive innovation and talent development is frequently enlisted by global corporations, HR professionals, marketers and policymakers, including:

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