Why do our clients continue to choose us?

They know that our services are authentic, meaningful, and effective.

A Multi-Sector Approach

Lovell Corporation’s diverse brand portfolio offers clients a selection of tailored services and activation channels.

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Marketing & Consulting

Sought out for our Millennial and Generation Z expertise, our award-winning marketing and consulting firm helps clients connect with the next generation.


Whether there is a need to develop a youth marketing campaign; foster better workplace engagement to retain millennial employees; or, simply a learn’n learn on the latest communication do’s and don’ts, Lovell Corporation’s authentic youth insights keep our clients on top of their game! Our services include workshops and training, custom consultations, market research and campaign development.

Influencer Engagement

From being retweeted by the Royal Family to hosting the world’s #1 Twitter chat for connecting with youth influencers, Lovell Corporation’s brands provide clients powerful brand activation. 

Our thought-leadership brand Kelly A. Lovell is among the top 0.1% of influencers speaking about topics of leadership, entrepreneurship and youth innovation. Our content is regularly featured in leading business publications and our live podcast series #BridgingTheGap reaches youth across 40+ countries. Whether clients seek branded social media, an authentic youth ambassador or an opportunity to interact with influencers, Lovell Corporation’s online channels have a global reputation for connecting industry and YOUth.

Media & Production

We believe in producing media that matters most to today’s generation.

Through meaningful media projects including film, celebrity interviews and periodic publications, our media company YOU EffectTM provides clients positive content to engage young audiences.

Committed to producing quality content, Lovell enlists the best to inspire our audiences. We work with a variety of celebrities and industry leaders including successful music producers, global humanitarians, and pop culture influencers.
Past talent has included Elizabeth Hurley, Ian Somerhalder, Cody Simpson, Becky G, Linkin Park, The Vamps, and Tony Hawk.


Lovell Corporation invests in technology solutions that help our clients better connect and engage with the younger generation. As the first tailored Millennial engagement platform, MyEffectTM puts Lovell Corporation’s values into action.


MyEffectTM helps our clients engage millennial employees by making it easy to support skill-building volunteering and personal development within the workplace. A management suite and social network combined, the all-in-one online platform provides the work-life integration millennials crave along with the control and performance tracking organizations require.

Speaking & Workshops

The key to bridging the gap to the youth market is simple: bring one into your boardroom. Lovell Corporation’s workshops are designed to educate and activate. Whether it is a lunch’n learn for senior leadership to learn the latest millennial marketing tactics, or it’s a conference presentation to activate a youth audience, we offer a variety of presentation styles.