Since our inception, Lovell Corporation remains committed to bridging the gap between industry and the next generation.

With international networks that reach young innovators in over 60 countries, we’re sought out globally for our expertise with Millennials and Generation Z, preparing for the future of work, entrepreneurship and next-generation innovation.
Lovell Corporation provides authentic market insights and services to help clients understand  and meaningfully connect with the next generation—be it employees, customers or innovators. These research efforts have been featured in high-profile publications including Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur and The Globe and Mail.

Our expertise has been featured by the United Nations High-Level Political Forum, ECOSOC Forum, UN Commission on Social Development, the President of the UN General Assembly, Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development, Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), Institute for Performance and Learning, TED-ED and more.

Areas of Focus

BridgingTheGap to Emerging Talent

  • Future Skills Education
  • Talent Development Needs
  • Future of Work Trends
  • Recruitment and Retention

BridgingTheGap to Innovation

  • Youth-led Innovation
  • Girls in STEM and Women Entrepreneurs
  • Social Entrepreneurship

BridgingTheGap to a Sustainable World

  • Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Impact Measurement

Featured Reports

BridgingTheGap™ Insights

BridgingTheGap™ Insights by Lovell Corporation helps businesses and policymakers prepare for the future of work by investigating the gaps and opportunities in the changing workforce for emerging talent under the age of 35.
Collaborating with leading academics and thought leaders, our proprietary research on the shifting work values of Millennials and Generation Z analyzes workplaces across areas of recruitment, employee engagement and high-impact retention factors for young workers–including social impact, workplace flexibility and professional development opportunities.

Who We Work With

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