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BridgingTheGap® consists of research, training, event activations and policy work to bridge opportunity gaps, foster inclusive innovation and prepare industry for the future of jobs. Portfolio projects focus on facilitating public-private sector collaboration, youth-led innovation and employer training for more inclusive hiring and workplace programs.

About the brand

BridgingTheGap Alliance

BridgingTheGap Alliance is a global coalition of youth-focused organizations and industry leaders dedicated to creating pathways for the next generation to thrive. Our network reaches 15 million young people ages 15-30 globally.

BridgingTheGap Forums

BridgingTheGap Forums are curated events that connect brands with emerging talent under 30 to develop their careers and co-create solutions to community challenges. Forum tracks focus on talent development, sustainable solutions and investing in inclusive innovation.

BridgingTheGap Insights

BridgingTheGap Insights is an ongoing research series investigating shifts, gaps and opportunities in the changing workforce of the next generation to help employers, educators and policymakers adapt to the future of work.


The YOUNGA Forum by BridgingTheGap Ventures is a pioneering global youth takeover of the UN using VR/XR technologies that connects young changemakers with decision-makers and celebrity activists to co-create solutions for a better future.
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Kelly A. Lovell

Kelly A. Lovell is the thought leadership brand of Lovell’s President and CEO, Kelly Lovell. A 16-time award-winning speaker and woman entrepreneur, Kelly is a subject matter expert on youth-led innovation, future skills training and preparing for the future of jobs. Her expertise continues to be recognized by world leaders including the President of the United Nations’ General Assembly, the Queen of England, former heads of state and representatives of the G7, G20 and High Level Political Forum.


MyEffect’s digital solutions bring nonprofits, brands and influencers together with young leaders to change the world in measurable ways. Learn more on how to use MyEffect for Millennial employee engagement, future skills development and impact measurement.

About the brand

Social Impact Solutions

MyEffect's app and online platform connects people with organizations to take action for a shared cause and creates verified records of achievement to demonstrate their impact. All activities on MyEffect are mapped to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, providing a user-friendly interface for people to be matched with community initiatives they care about while organizations can report on the impact achieved.

MyEffect Solutions for Learning and Development

ImpactResumes® are online profiles that track lifelong learning experience and applied skills with metadata to verify achievements. This allows employers and educators to evaluate and recognize skills gained through alternative learning experiences that traditionally are subjective and unregulated.

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