Future Ready
Employer Assessment

Is Your Workplace
Future Ready?

Backed by our latest generational research on the work values of Millennials and Generation Z, this assessment compares and analyzes your employer brand across areas of recruitment, employee engagement and high-impact retention factors including organizational impact, workplace flexibility and professional development opportunities.

Lovell believes with improved education—particularly in the area of skill development and entrepreneurship experience—the future workforce will be equipped to not only contribute to local innovation and sustainable development, but also continue to adapt to the changing labour market to remain gainfully employed.
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Key Takeaways


The similarities and differences in occupational interests, work values and priorities, motivating factors and desired supports between males, females and gender-neutral (non-binary) young people


How these preferences affect recruitment and retention of young talent and the gender-specific gaps employers can resolve to create more inclusive workplaces


The implications of the gender-based shifts for achieving gender equality and preparing young talent for the future of jobs

What's Next

Understanding the gaps and opportunities in your workplace is just the first step. From one-on-one consultations and leadership training to input on recruitment strategies and program design, Lovell Corporation’s team of specialists are here to help you increase recruitment and retention of emerging talent.

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Our Expertise

Lovell Corporation, a global youth consultancy and innovation firm, provides market research, talent development and training services for organizations to adapt to the changing workforce and bridge opportunity gaps for emerging talent. BridgingTheGapTM Insights by Lovell Corporation analyzes the gaps and opportunities in the changing workforce of the next generation to prepare businesses, policymakers and individuals for the future of work.


We have a global reputation for helping businesses, civil society and public sector organizations recruit, market to, and retain the next generation—be it as employees, customers or innovators. Lovell’s brands continue to be ranked among the top 0.1% of online influencers on the topics of entrepreneurship; innovation; and youth mobilization. With international networks that reach Millennials and Generation Z influencers in over 60 countries, we’re sought out globally for our expertise on preparing for the future of work and fostering youth-led innovation.

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