Monitoring, demonstrating and communicating impact to donors and the public can be a challenge.

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It’s no longer acceptable just talk about the change we want to see or ask for donations— nor is it the preferred among the next generation.
The next generation is demanding transparency and purpose from the charities they support and the organizations who employ them.

How We Help

Experience-driven, younger supporters are opting to find new, personalized ways to build their skills and support the causes they care about. Learn how to leverage skills-based volunteering, volunteer recognition and effective use of technology to engage youth volunteers.

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

  • Reposition existing volunteering and community service programs to appeal to student volunteers, Millennial donors and young professionals
  • Understand why measuring the impact of volunteering is important
  • Discover how to track, record and verify the impact volunteers, citizens and/or employees are having on the SDGs

Youth Engagement

  • Gain new strategies to tap into the motivational drivers of young employees to build a thriving team that lasts
  • Build youth engagement plans that respond to their tech-savvy, social and personalized interests and needs
  • Communicate the value of community service and volunteering to younger generations with relevant messaging and program delivery

Impact Measurement and Reporting

  • Learn how to demonstrate your organization’s SDG impact online using a range of monitoring and evaluation techniques
  • Access real-time insights on program progress, allowing you to report performance on regional activities and make strategic decisions to optimize engagement

Get Started

Measure and Report Impact

Connect with Young Leaders

Host a BridgingTheGap Forum

Who We Work With

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We reached out to Lovell in hopes that her motivating words would help inspire more youth to take an active role in the protection and enhancement of their local environment. She did not disappoint! Lovell spoke from the heart—her message of believing in oneself and striving for positive change resonated with the youth.

-Jill Kelly, Project Manager, Evergreen School Students