Young consumers present a new set of challenges for marketers

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The youth generation is one of the most lucrative consumer segments in the world—in less than five years, Millennials will have $3.39 trillion in purchasing power and their successors, Generation Z, are rapidly taking over as the largest consumer group worldwide.
With fickle interests, shorter attention spans and multi-platform preferences, young consumers do not respond well to traditional communication and advertising tactics.
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Market to Millennials and Generation Z

Accustomed to instant information access and interactive social media, this is a generation that demands personalized messaging, peer-reviewed content and transparent, authentic brands.  Tap into our data-driven insights and ensure your brand stands out from the digital noise in a cost-effective way!

How We Help

Marketing and

  • Identify your ideal youth demographic and learn the difference between Millennial and Generation Z consumer preferences
  • Foster brand loyalty and create meaningful connections with your target markets to transform influencers into engaged brand ambassadors
  • Create authentic connections and meaningful interaction with today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders

Strategy and Campaign Development

  • Take an in-depth review of your current online presence to identify gaps in your digital strategy and opportunities to strengthen your approach
  • Learn how to build cost-effective digital marketing plans that respond to the next generation mindset and shifting brand values of young consumers
  • Reach actionable Millennials and Generation Z influencers and forge meaningful connections with new community partners

Corporate Social

  • Leverage gamification and action-based rewards to increase employee engagement and consumer participation in sponsored community initiatives
  • Learn the advantages of linking your brand’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to effectively monitor your impact
  • Develop a meaningful social narrative with impact stories from Millennials and Generation Z consumers that resonate with your brand purpose

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At the end-of-day wrap-up, everyone agreed Lovell's presentation was the best. Not only did she help us better understand our challenge, but she left us with some real nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to face that challenge—and make it an opportunity. Lovell was attentive to our needs and understanding of our limits. I look forward to working with her again soon to make our youth and Millennial marketing authentic and effective!
-Kate Neff, VP Marketing and Corporate Communications, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union
One of the real eye openers for me was seeing that the values of today’s high achieving young talent are far from the traditional executive we know. [Lovell Corporation’s] expertise on managing and getting the most out of the youngest is so relevant for corporate leaders at every level.
- Marketing Hall of Legends Winner and Past Co-Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather