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How Young Women Can Smash the Double Glass Ceiling


Much of the dialogue to date focuses on the challenges women in business face, but few shed a perspective highlighting challenges unique to young aspiring women.

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Research shows most women entrepreneurs tend to start their businesses later in life, as a secondary or tertiary career. In doing so, they have a greater chance of getting financing because they’ve had more time to develop a credit history, income/savings and collateral (i.e. home ownership) on their own or with a partner.
The corporate ladder is long and tall, and when you’re young, you face a double standard—often underestimated and seen as naive or not experienced enough to handle the size of business or money you may be pitching. What many don’t often realize, at the heart of every successful venture is a passionate determination that transcends expectations.

Key Takeaways


Learn from the experiences of a woman on a mission and the mindset needed to achieve your business goals and build a career with purpose


Candid advice on breaking the glass ceiling without having to sacrifice your values or conform to industry standards


Gain motivation, inspiration and renewed confidence in your leadership and identify opportunities to accelerate their success and keep your passion alive


Strategies on how to overcome obstacles and make big things happen

Lessons From a Female Founder

As a young woman entrepreneur who incorporated her first company at 19 years-old, Kelly Lovell understands the pressures facing young women to succeed. Despite the upward climb and consistent struggle to have her voice heard, Kelly continues to break down barriers for young women. And from speaking at the United Nations and serving as the youngest policy advisor for the W20 (Women’s 20) to receiving an international leadership award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself at Buckingham Palace, she is smashing the ceiling for the next generation of women entrepreneurs to follow!

What to Expect

  • In this peer-to-peer talk aimed at Millennial career women, aspiring women leaders and female entrepreneurs, Kelly will share candid advice and strategies as a young woman entrepreneur and businesswoman herself.
  • Kelly will also give examples of how she isn’t standing down or letting the obstacles stunt her businesses (and how those in the audience can too), and most importantly, how women can find success while staying authentic to who they are! ​

About Kelly

  • Kelly has had male investors doubt her leadership background and entrepreneurial abilities, seeing her as a “young girl” who is more akin to their daughter than someone to be taken seriously. That didn't stop her!
  • Kelly was named Startup Canada’s 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year for her work with both her media company and emerging big data startup.

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Lovell was mentioned 29 times as someone who inspired them in our event feedback forms. These were some of the comments: ‘Kelly Lovell was amazing’, ‘She followed her passion and showed us the possibilities of doing the same’, ‘She is self-made’, ‘Passion is everything’, ‘Kelly’s speech was very motivating’, ‘Kelly really did inspire with everything she did.’

-Barbara Aubie, Coordinator, Support To Single Parents Inc.

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