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How can youth turn passion into purpose to address a social and economic challenge in their local community?

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Kelly Lovell started off as a teen with big ideas but no clear path on how to start or execute them.
Despite the initial lack of know-how, Lovell has become a 16-time award-winning entrepreneur who has spoken at the United Nations, interviewed celebrities at the Oscars and met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II—all while staying true to herself and her goals.
Lovell Corporation CEO sitting on stage at the United Nations holding a sign reading President's Youth Dialogue

Key Takeaways


Educate and empower future leaders, inspiring them to turn their passions into purpose and develop sustainable solutions


Equip young people for success with quality resources and the guidance needed to develop confidence in their voice, share their ideas and positively contribute to society


Increase leadership visibility of stakeholders working to address social challenges and tap into the power of the most influential market demographic to broaden its reach


Mobilize young people to take action–supporting skills-based volunteering, social entrepreneurship and civic engagement initiatives–to address local challenges and opportunity gaps

What to Expect

This award-winning presentation by Kelly Lovell focuses on equipping young people with the knowledge and tools required to act on their ideas and contribute to local innovation. Using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, emerging young leaders are introduced to global challenges and encouraged to develop a community-based project to address one they are passionate about in their region.

During this interactive presentation, participants are guided through creating an action plan along with anecdotes and advice about entrepreneurship, pursuing their passions and strategies to make their ideas happen.

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Lovell, I think that many high school students can relate the passion you speak with, however, not many understand how to direct that passion. You engaged them with your passion, then opened up new directions that they could go with their passions. I love that the message you sent came at a time in life when most people are ultra-consumed by the busy schedule they have. You have shown my students that it is completely possible to do well in school and contribute to a better world at the same time. So thank you for the passion, direction and practical insight that you gave my students. It truly was inspirational!

-Aaron Holmes, Outreach Teacher, Huron Heights Secondary School

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