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By Kelly Lovell

This week on #BridgingTheGap…

Expert guest Sara Potler-LaHayne, joined us to share her thoughts on the best ways to integrate creative learning into education.

Sara is the Founder & CEO of Move This World. A life-long dancer and previous professional performer, Sara was a Fulbright Scholar in Bogotá, Colombia when she authored, implemented, and evaluated the original Move This World curriculum.

Her company, Move This World equips leaders with a set of evidence-based, creative tools to manage daily stresses and to give people the skills to collaborate and support one another to succeed. The organization has equipped over 150,000 individuals across school districts and organizations, with the tools to strengthen their mental and emotional wellbeing.

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During the #BridgingTheGap podcast, Sara shared insights on the benefits of creative learning, as well as strategies to implement creative learning in the classroom.

Following the podcast, we took the conversation to Twitter to hear YOUR thoughts!

In the Twitter Chat, participants shared their thoughts on why it is important to look outside the box and find more creative learning tools.

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"Not everyone learns in the SAME way, so it's crucial that we create environments where all kinds of learners can SUCCEED" @sara_lahayne

So why is there still a GAP?

Join the conversation. What's your best content marketing tip or trick? #BridgingTheGap