Securing Business Partnerships

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By Kelly Lovell

This week on #BridgingTheGap…

Expert guest Glenn Smith, joined us to share insights on how to secure business partnerships.

Glenn is the Vice-President of Communitech, an organization that helps tech companies start up and succeed. He leads a team that helps tech companies and corporate innovation partners advance their digital and data strategies.

He is also the former Chairman of the Blue Sea Philanthropy (BSP). As founding Board Chair, built the board to oversee the development of BSP as a public foundation. To date, 300+ charitable partners have shared in almost $20M through our innovative Partner Grant program.

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During the #BridgingTheGap podcast, Glenn shared insights on how to secure business partnerships.

Following the podcast, we took the conversation to Twitter to hear your thoughts!

In the Twitter Chat, participants shared their thoughts on how businesses can benefit from partnering with youth-run startups.

Check out some of the highlights below!

"As a startup, feel free to ask those HARD questions." #business partnership tips from @iGlennSmith

We also asked participants to share their thoughts on what businesses expect young entrepreneurs to bring to business partnerships.

This sparked discussion about want businesses want from millennials versus what they’re really willing to take.

Join the conversation. What's your best content marketing tip or trick? #BridgingTheGap