Kelly Lovell appointed Director of Youth-Led Innovation for Blockchain for Impact

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kelly Lovell at Youth conference


Lovell Corporation is thrilled to announce that our President and CEO, Kelly Lovell has been appointed as a Director of Youth-Led Innovation for the Blockchain for Impact Working Group as part of the United Nations Blockchain Commission on Sustainable Development.

June 4 2018 (New York, USA): Run by the Commission, Blockchain for Impact is a collaborative convening and advocacy platform for conscious leadership across sectors to explore, co-create and promote the application of blockchain technology to initiatives with positive social impact. In this new leadership role, Ms. Lovell will support the Blockchain for Impact task forces to engage with the United Nations system on industry governance, regulatory standards and social impact projects, working closely with the UN Departments, Funds, Programs and Specialized Agencies, to apply blockchain technology to sustainable development and humanitarian challenges.

Leading the Youth-Led Innovation working group, Ms. Lovell will share best practice for public-private stakeholders to tap into the collective influence, ideas and talents of young people, while championing the importance of involving young entrepreneurs in the global blockchain ecosystem.

“We cannot build future ready solutions without enlisting the ideas and perspectives of the generation that will be living through the impacts of blockchain–both positive and negative,” – Kelly Lovell

Kelly explains, “There are over a billion young people in the world under the age of 30 years-old. These bright minds represent an untapped generation of innovators ready and able to utilize the power of disruptive technologies like blockchain to solve local challenges.”

Kelly Lovell will kickoff her role today at United Nations headquarters for the inaugural Blockchain for Impact summit. Here blockchain experts, industry thought leaders and UN representatives will convene to explore the development of radically creative decentralized solutions for issues including; conservation of natural resources, protection of the commons, economic growth, empowerment of all communities, financial inclusion and security, civic trust and protection of the integrity of democratic systems—among others—for the benefit of our common humanity. 

Spearheading the Youth-Led Innovation working group mandate and implementation, Ms. Lovell’s objectives will include:

  • Representing the voice and needs of young innovators, ensuring they are included in the global blockchain ecosystem
  • Educating young people on Blockchain technologies and create opportunities for them to co-create solutions
  • Investigating the impacts of blockchain–both positive and negative– on the livelihoods and economic prosperity of young people

With the breath of Kelly Lovell’s work rooted in fostering youth innovation, digital inclusion and job creation, she shares her enthusiasm for the work ahead:

Over the past five years with Lovell Corporation I have focused on ‘BridgingTheGap’ for industry to connect and engage the next generation,” Kelly Lovell comments. “Through Blockchain for Impact’s Youth-Led Innovation working group I will expand upon this mission to liaise between stakeholders across sectors–businesses, governments, and policymakers alike– helping them tap into the potential of youth-led innovation to accelerate, scale and amplify project impact.”

Wanting YOUth to be part of the conversations as much as future blockchain solutions, Ms. Lovell will be hosting a series of online dialogues about the future of blockchain and its applications for young innovators to share ideas and ask questions.

The first conversation launched today and can be found here:

Stakeholders and young innovators alike are invited to join in to add their comments and follow the global conversation.

About the United Nations Blockchain Commission on Sustainable Development

Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development was established at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2017 to develop a multi-sectoral framework to support the UN system—along with Member States, Intergovernmental Organizations, the private sector and civil society—in utilizing blockchain-based technologies to develop local, national and global solutions for the most pressing issues of our day.

The Commission suggests that the transformative power of blockchain technology should not be seen as a threat to existing systems of governance; rather, it should be seen as an opportunity for national and international institutions to defend the rights of those they represent, and to accelerate our collective progress towards meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


The first conversation launched today and can be found here:

Stakeholders and young innovators alike are invited to join in to add their comments and follow the global conversation.

About Kelly Lovell

Kelly Lovell is globally recognized for her expertise on “BridgingTheGap” to the next generation.
From speaking at the United Nations on future skills training and youth entrepreneurship for the Sustainable Development Goals, to advising on future of work and job creation policies for the G7, G20 and W20, Kelly’s leadership impact is far-reaching. In addition to serving as President to her two companies, Lovell Corporation and MyEffect, Kelly is a 3-time TEDx speaker, a contributing partner to multiple stakeholder working groups for the Sustainable Development Goals, Startup Canada’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and a Queen’s Young Leader winner – a prestigious leadership award presented in person by Her Majesty the Queen to exceptional young people under 30 across the Commonwealth who are using their skills to transform lives and leave a legacy of change.

Her popular book, The Power of YOUth, shares over 200 stories of youth aged 6 years-old to 30 years-old who are changing the world.


Twitter: @kellyalovell