Lovell Celebrates 200 Youth Changing the World for International Youth Day

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kelly Lovell at Youth conference


August 12, 2017 (Waterloo, ON)

19 years ago, the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth made a recommendation to the United Nations that August 12th be declared International Youth Day. The recommendation was endorsed at the United Nations General Assembly on December 17, 1999, and a day dedicated to raising awareness for youth development needs and celebrating young people’s contributions to society was born.

With the theme “Youth Building Peace”, International Youth Day 2017 focuses on promoting the active involvement of youth in advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with a specific emphasis on social justice and peace-building.

Embodying this mission, The Change Generation is a global youth network comprised of young leaders and entrepreneurs taking action to create a better future. From its recent introduction into Lovell Corporation’s brand portfolio to its global expansion, the network reaches motivated youth influencers in over 59 countries around the world.

In celebration of International Youth Day, The Change Generation hosted the first book signing and store release of The Power of YOUth at Chapters in Waterloo, ON.

“What better way to celebrate young people’s contributions to society than with a book that shares 200 stories of youth making a difference.” Kelly Lovell, author of The Power of YOUth explains. “From a 6 year old selling ice cream to raise $10,000 for sick children to teenage inventors building mobility devices for the disabled, The Power of YOUth embodies the very essence of Youth Day.”

The Power of YOUth book comes in both a paperback and hardcover coffee table book form. Divided into eight sections, the book introduces readers to key social challenges affecting youth through the perspectives of peers around the word. With sections including empowering those in need, bridging the gender gap, inventing the future, improving education for all, and saving our planet, readers learn the personal experiences and advice of youth working to address each challenge. Other topics addressed in the book include bullying, LGBTQI, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, Girls in STEM, and leadership development.

“The inspiration behind this project is to empower youth to see their potential and be inspired to take action through relatable peers stories. It is my hope that after reading a story, a youth can think, ‘if they can overcome these challenges to make a difference, then I can, too,’” Lovell shares.

About the Change Generation

The Change GenerationTM is a global youth network comprised of young leaders and entrepreneurs taking action to create a better future. With a mission to redefine the narrative of today’s youth, this network reaches motivated youth influencers in 59+ countries, providing them with a platform to share experiences, learn from peers, and participate in research initiatives designed to help leaders create better innovation and employment opportunities for youth.


Social Media: @ChangeGenOG

To learn more about The Power of YOUth project or order a copy online please visit:

About Kelly Lovell

Kelly Lovell, an acclaimed Youth Mobilizer and Social Entrepreneur, is bridging the gap between business and community to create opportunities for the next generation to thrive. She is a 15-time award-winning thought leader, 3-time TEDx Speaker, and CEO of Lovell Corporation and My Effect Inc. With work featured in Forbes, INC., Globe & Mail, FOX News, and Entrepreneur, Kelly Lovell is sought out for her expertise in understanding and engaging with the needs of Millennials and Generation Z. Most recently at 23 years old, Lovell became a a 2016 Queen’s Young Leader and personally met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace to receive an international award .

In less than four years, Lovell has grown her company portfolio to five distinct brands that harness media and technology to provide mentorship, skill-building, and entrepreneurship support for youth. Notable projects include: a short documentary film that profiles the stories of exceptional young leaders to combat ageist stereotypes that exist in media; a global education project that introduces students to key problems affecting today’s world through the lens of their peers across 59 different countries; and, a personal development platform that helps youth track the transferable skills they gain from community service and extracurricular leadership.

Her first book, The Power of YOUth, shares over 200 stories of youth aged 6 years-old to 30 years-old who are changing the world.


Twitter: @kellyalovell