How to Grow a Business

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This week on #BridgingTheGap…

Expert guest Barbara Mowat, joined us to share insights on how to grow your business.

Barbara is an international leader in the development of SME enterprises, with a special emphasis on women.

She is CEO of Impact Communications, a multi-faceted consulting company as well as the founder of GroYourBiz, an initiative that brings a tactical approach to meeting the needs of women business owners of all ages.

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During the podcast, Barbara shared tips for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and after the podcast, the conversation continued on Twitter.

Participants offered advice to youth and shared their tips on how to grow a business.

Check out some of the highlights below!

"Sell your STRENGTHS and buy your weaknesses." @GroYourBiz

They also shared tips young entrepreneurs looking to measure the success of their business.

Join the conversation. What’s your best content marketing tip or trick?
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Kelly Lovell is the founder and CEO of Lovell Corporation. She is globally recognized for her expertise, particularly on engaging Millennials and Generation Z More